Taking Care of Business: Business Terms in Aotearoa (English-Maori Business Dictionary) – 2nd Edition


Taking care of Business: Business Terms in Aotearoa (2nd Edition) is a business dictionary designed for use by small business owners in New Zealand. The dictionary aims to break down some of the jargon used in the business world and to encourage the use of te reo Māori in everyday business practice.

The dictionary has been developed to accompany the book ‘Taking Care of Business: A Guide to Entrepreneurship in Aotearoa’. In addition to general business terms, it includes definitions of organisations that business owners frequently deal with in New Zealand. A key feature of the dictionary is the inclusion of a Māori translation to accompany each business term.

This second edition (published in 2012) contains over 500 additional terms, many of which relate to finance and investments. New terms also reflect changes in regards to new legislation and business technology.